Hex And Curse Spells

Curses are advanced black magic
HEX.jpgI in my opinion haven’t any issues with hexes or placing a curse on a deserving character. i am a tumbler half complete kind of character, and consider anybody deserves a 2nd chance but there are human beings in the international that choose to hurt other people. or they paintings for a gadget that doesn’t bear in mind the end result or effect in their guidelines on the lifestyles of everyday people.

If such a human beings become to cross my course and to do me incorrect, i don’t have any hesitation in doing what i will to save you them from persevering with on their venture of chaos. you could pick out to be a victim or you can pick out to shield your self. let a higher power decide who will be the victor! until then it’s recreation on.

Commonplace questions about hexes are “what approximately karma?” or “will i be harmed” or “what about the witches rule of do no damage?”

if you are asking such questions you then are not ready to do this kind of magick paintings. and furthermore, don’t be asking all and sundry else to do it. remember what i stated about the rice experiments, the power in the words is all approximately goal. in case you’re no longer sure about the intention of what you’re doing, don’t expect the universe to take you critically.


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